Behind The Playlists - Answering Your Questions

We know Spotify playlisting is important to you and that you have a ton of questions around the song pitching process, what goes on behind the scenes, and general best practices. And we want to make sure to get you the answers. To that end we recently reached out to our followers on IG, asking you what you want to know. You're getting it from the source.

Beyond their responses below, we’ll continue to provide the information you need around playlists going forward. For instance, last month we have been growing our curator network, so we know you're getting the best playlists possible.

For all the info on how to pitch your music to our team Check Here or stay tuned in for what's coming up! Now, let’s get to your questions!

Do I need a specific amount of followers or monthly listeners on Spotify to get playlisted?

Not at all. Followers and monthly listeners don’t take account into our decisions. We listen to a song and independently do our best to find the right home for it within our playlists (although accommodating all pitched songs is unfortunately not possible).

If placed on a Spotify playlist, how long does the song stay active on the playlist?

This depends on a bunch of things—the update schedule of the playlist, the type of playlist, the playlist’s audience, and the performance of the song within the playlist. Some playlists like Issa Rap and Workout Heat update each week with a full slate of new content. Others, like Worldwide Hits This Year! may update at different cadences depending on the type of playlist they are and what’s best for the experience within that type of playlist (mood versus workout, etc.).


Is there actually a playlist for newcomers?

We make it a goal to incorporate new or smaller artists into a variety of playlists across different moods, activities, and genres that we think listeners will like, while also aiming to develop emerging artists. We have dedicated packages like our Starter Pack series which covers all ranges of genres from Hip Hop, Pop, Indie, R&B, EDM & much more: 

Since launching playlist pitching in 2018, as of Halloween 2020, we've playlisted 3,000 artists and playlisted 67% of pitches.  This in turn helps upcoming artists algorithm. So, no matter what stage you are in your career, i'd recommend checking out our Starter Pack

How do you support artists who don’t have a label?

All artists have equal opportunities to pitch their music via our Starter Pack, Plus Pack, or Pro Pack! Artists on Spotify all are considered for playlisting. Many of our playlists support a wide variety of artists, regardless of whether they are signed or unsigned. In addition, we also have playlists, such as Issa Rap, specifically aimed at supporting unsigned artists.


How can you better your chances of being playlisted? Do Spotify curators have any tips?

We’re always looking to curate more music and artists in our playlists, so we really value the time you give and spend sharing your stories and songs with us when you pitch your music. Beyond providing us with context about your music and the particular track you’re submitting, make sure you submit as soon as you'd like placement, and fill in every part of the submission form as accurately as possible.


How do I contact a curator?

Everyone and their momma are looking for curators emails! We have eliminated that gap between Artists & Playlisting


How does an individual get placed on algorithmic playlists and how long are they placed for?

Algorithmic playlists like Discover Weekly and Release Radar are updated weekly. For Release Radar, an artist’s new release is eligible to appear in the playlist up to 28 days after it’s been released. You can only have one song in Release Radar at a time, so if you’re releasing multiple tracks over the month keep this in mind! There is nothing specific you can do to get on an algotorial playlist.

How long can you stay on a playlist for?

How long you stay on a playlist depends on a bunch of things—the update schedule of the playlist, the type of playlist, the playlist’s audience, and the performance of the song within the playlist. Although, we do offer monthly subscriptions - you can virtually stay on as long as you'd like! 



How do editors / the algorithm evaluate explicit language?

We always try and tag when a song is explicit within a playlist. There are also some playlists and audiences where we won't include explicit tracks.

Can you please send feedback to artists that never get on a playlist just so we can improve.

Although we understand how important feedback is to your journey and growth as an artist, it is simply impossible for us as we get too many pitches to respond to each one individually—it would take time away from our focus on listening to and curating as many songs from as many artists as possible. 



Do you have to go through Spotify’s preferred distributors to get on a playlist?

No! We don't look at distribution information when listening to new pitches. You can use the distributor of your choosing—we don’t discriminate.

Does a song need to be a specific length to be playlisted?

Not at all. Songs can be added to playlists regardless of their length, however we recommend putting your best foot when pitching by sharing your best track.

Thanks for reading, if you want more info please reach out to our team! 

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